Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco) & Isaac Koren (The Kin, Bråves) were talking one sunny afternoon at a child’s birthday party in their hometown of Ojai, CA and confessed a shared interest in classic American songs and electronic music. Jorgensen thought to perform them excruciatingly slow, and as they rehearsed, the unconventional accompaniment of the synthesizer provided surprising contrast and depth to Koren's classic vocal style. The duo have been performing in Ojai and Los Angeles throughout 2018 and are continually recording new versions of classic songs.

Mikael Jorgensen - Keyboards
Isaac Koren - Vocals

For more information / booking: mikaeljorgensen@gmail.com

For licensing / placement: rachel@hyperextension.net


  Isaac Koren & Mikael Jorgensen

Isaac Koren & Mikael Jorgensen

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