I was asked to coordinate rehearsals & arrange the Righteous Brothers song, “You’re Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” with several talented NYC subway buskers for Facebook. Production team: Vacationland Studios, NYC / LA.

How To Make a duct tape coin pouch wallet (2018)

I wrote the music for this short, and along with Joel Fox, did the sound design.  Pay special attention to the reverb when Sally peels off a length of duct tape and several other silly surprises...

Prestige Ingredients (2016)

The music for this trailer is a track called "Arabella & Anita" from Quindar's Hip Mobility.  Also featured are some cues which are unreleased recordings from a project called "Prism Break" which is a duo I have with Orpheo McCord.

Loudermilk / Directv (2017)

Here's a quick, abstract piece for a title card for DirecTV's "Loudermilk"

Ventura Spirits (2018)

Wrote the music for this piece, directed by Chad Ress, with Rebecca Comerford for our friends at Ventura Spirits.