Mikael Jorgensen Music: A new YouTube Channel


I've been making short videos about music and posting them on Instagram and now they're on my new YouTube channel Mikael Jorgensen Music.  Take a look and thanks for watching.

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Duct-Tape Coin Pouch Video


My friend and Ojai resident Joel Fox directed this instructional video about making a Duct-Tape Coin Pouch with his friend Sally and asked me to do the music & sound design.  We are awfully proud of this and think you will like it too.

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It is one of the great pleasures of my life to be able to call these guys my friends and collaborators.  We've been touring in the current lineup since 2004.

Photo by Austin Nelson


Mikael jorgensen

& greg o'keeffe

Greg O'Keeffe is one of my oldest friends and collaborators.  We made a record called "Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O'Keeffe" that explores the world of synthesizers and technology in songs that are more rooted in CSN than you might expect.

  • Mikael Jorgensen - Keyboards, Guitar, Synthesizers
  • Greg O'Keeffe - Drums, Percussion, Electronics
  • Adam Chilenski - Electric Bass
  • Erik Paparazzi - Electric Guitar

Photo by Austin Nelson

Cheetah MAscot.jpg


The Cheetah is a record I made with Chris Girard and Greg O'Keeffe in 2003.  We availed ourselves to the lushly appointed wonderworld of SOMA Electronic Music Studios for several days and wound up with this wonderfully weird artifact.

  • Mikael Jorgensen - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Programming & Engineering
  • Chris Girard - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Greg O'Keeffe - Drums, Percussion
  • Noel Kupersmith - Upright Bass
  • Rob Mazurek - Cornet, Pianet



Rancho Electro is a web series where I invite a collaborator to Ojai California, where we compose, perform, film and record a new song in the mountains using electronic and traditional instruments.  More info at ranchoelectro.com.